2020-21 Family Engagement Team Members
This Year's Members Are:

Vesey Family Engagement Team 20-21

Roni Altamirano (Contact/ Curriculum Service Provider)
Rachel Lopez (Facilitator/ Social Worker)
Alexandra Kerr (Recorder / Counselor)
Shiela Lofgreen (Recorder / Counselor)
Jeffrey Uhrig (Administrator)
Brenda Encinas (Administrator)
Cristina Robles (Parent)
Robin Prewitt (Parent)
Ruth Parsil (Ex Ed. Teacher)
Steven Munoz (Classified)
Autumn Gamble (student)
Julian Encinas (student)
Ray Montana (1st Grade Teacher)
Artesia Runge (3rd Grade Teacher)
Jennifer Roqueni (5th Grade Teacher)
Neil Tolzman (Kinder Teacher)

Vesey Phone Number: 520-908-4600

Facilitator/Contact Information
Rachel Lopez - Contact Rachel Lopez by email

Veronica Altamirano
Contact Veronica Altamirano by email

2020-21 School Site Council Members
Kristin Grow
Contact Kristin Grow by email

Neil Tolzman (Kinder)
Adam Alvarez (1st)
Anthony Faulkner (3rd)
Robin Prewitt (4th)
Karen Gamble (4th)

Jeffrey Uhrig
Contact Jeffrey Uhrig by email

Assistant Principal
Brenda Encinas
Contact Brenda Encinas by email

Stacey House 
Haydee Hernandez
Regina Ayon
Rachel Lopez
Shelia Lofgreen
Alexandra Kerr
Erica Cano
Kristen Troia
Roni Altamirano
Barbara Moreno

Janet Rico-Uhrig
Sarah Lewis
2020-21 PTO Contact
This Year's Members Are:
Robin Prewitt
Lori Myers
Nayalie Duarte

Robin Prewitt
Contact Mrs. Prewitt through email

PTA Update:

At this time we do not have any outside fundraising activities planned. We do still have our Box Top collections. For this you sign up on your phone and scan your receipts after you check out at any grocery store. This process has become very simple. Vesey is already set up so when you look for our school it will pop up. We are also set up on Amazon as a charity. You continue to use your same account, however you would go to Amazonsmile.org to finalize your purchases. Please select Vesey as your charity when you are setting this up. 

We are looking at Peter Piper Pizza as a take out fundraiser as well as a Scholastic Online Book Fair. Please let me know if you have any ideas or would like to help in any area of the PTA.

We look forward to all family interaction and support.

Thank you, Vesey PTA.